The ®mosy assortment contains wet and dry foam products from bricks to cylinders - of course also in individual sizes and shapes.

Separately shrink-wrapped sales packages from the ®mosy decoration and hobby range as well as further commodities round out the ®mosy product range.

®mosy is a pin-receiving base not only for floral arrangements of all kinds.

®mosy fixates objects like flowers, twigs etc. and thus simplifies the composition of the arrangement.

®mosy is available for various purposes of usage in 3 varieties and in 3 wet foam qualities:


big ®mosy is specially geared to the needs of fresh cut flowers with a thin or medium thick peduncle and suitable for all common arrangements.

big mosy wet foam


our perfect quality distinguishes itself through its increased plug strength and its excellent water reservoir


®mosy PRIMUS

our top quality. We recommend ®mosy Primus for the production of big arrangements with long-stemmed and heavy flowers



big ®mosy dry foam is a special floral foam developed for the requirements of arrangements with dried, silk and artificial flowers and made out of polyurethane foam. A cleverly designed proportion of flexibility and brittleness makes big ®mosy dry foam a perfect base for all arrangements which don't need water.

big mosy dry foam

®mosy DUPLEX

our multi-talent with the highest firmness. ®mosy duplex can be utilized as a wet or dry foam. Originally, ®mosy duplex has been developed to meet the requirements of fir arrangements. ®mosy duplex stabilizes fir twigs firmly and prevents the fir needles from drying out. Due to the outstanding product features, ®mosy duplex is used in floristry more and more frequently for all kinds of arrangements.